How Demagogues Spawn Systems of Oppression & Violence

(Prejudiced Beliefs + Discriminatory Acts + Power Structure Dominance = Societal Systems of Oppression)
A Formula to Help Unravel the Dynamics & Intersectionality of
Prejudice |  Privilege |  Supremacism |  Bigotry |  Denigration |  Discrimination |  Power |  Oppression
Dualism |  Scapegoating |  Demonization |  Conspiracism |  Dehumanization |  Demagoguery
Aggression |  Apocalyptic Aggression |  Segregation |  Ethnoviolence |  Slavery |  Expulsion |  Genocide

Bibliography: Islamophobia

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Examples of Islamophobia

Islamophobia - Examples of<

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