How Demagogues Spawn Systems of Oppression & Violence

(Prejudiced Beliefs + Discriminatory Acts + Power Structure Dominance = Societal Systems of Oppression)
A Formula to Help Unravel the Dynamics & Intersectionality of
Prejudice |  Privilege |  Supremacism |  Bigotry |  Denigration |  Discrimination |  Power |  Oppression
Dualism |  Scapegoating |  Demonization |  Conspiracism |  Dehumanization |  Demagoguery
Aggression |  Apocalyptic Aggression |  Segregation |  Ethnoviolence |  Slavery |  Expulsion |  Genocide

Apocalyptic aggression

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Apocalyptic Aggression is aggression (including violence and even genocide) based on apocalyptic beliefs.~

When people in apocalyptic movements believe that time is quickly running out, they may choose to bully, assault, or attack their feared enemies.

Robert J. Lifton observes that “historically the apocalyptic imagination has usually been nonviolent in nature,” but such beliefs also can generate horrific violence. An apocalyptic leader may take on the mantle of the messiah, and in some cases urge forms of apocalyptic aggression against the scapegoated enemy.

Apocalypticism involves the sense of expectation by individuals or groups that dramatic events are about to unfold during which “good” will confront “evil.” This confrontation will change the world forever and reveal hidden truths. In this context we are examining, apocalypticism in the sociological sense where it serves as a master frame.